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Fix Internet Explorer 9 Error

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Fix IE9 Freezes on Windows 7 trouble in quick and easy way

If you are user of Internet Explorer 9 then you might have faced problem like sometimes IE9 freezes on Windows 7. There are lots of users of Internet Explore 9 found out that whenever they open lots of tab then Internet Explorer 9 freezes and after sometimes it crashes and pops up error message. There are several reasons due to which the IE9 freezes. Internet Explorer 9 has so many features which you do not found in other web browser. It is also right that the IE9 is the beauty of web and it works really faster than any other web browsers.

But when IE9 gets freeze while working then most of the users gets frustrated and they want to move on other web browser. But here is the solution how to fix IE9 freezes on Windows 7 error without moving on to other web browser. You can easily fix IE9 freezes problem. In order to fix IE9 crash or freezing first you have to find out the causes of why IE9 freezes on Windows 7.

Ie9 freezes on Windows 7 Causes:

  1. If you have installed different kinds of toolbar and Adds-on then it is also responsible for ie9 freezing.
  2. Virus, spyware, malware, Trojan infections are one of the most reasons due to which internet Explorer 9 freezes on Windows 7.
  3. Opening lots of tab can also freeze Internet Explorer 9
  4. Compatibility View Settings in IE 9 might be disabled which is causing this problem.
  5. Invalid registry file can also cause several types of problem in Microsoft internet Explorer 9. Because Internet Explorer 9 requires registry files to work properly and if there is problem with registry file then IE9 freezes and sometimes it crashes.

If any one of these reasons becomes true then you will face problem like IE9 freezes on Windows 7. But do not panic!! You can fix this problem in easy way if you perform the steps which are advised here.


First of all uninstall all unnecessary toolbars which you have installed for Internet explorer 9, uninstall ads-on. Always scan your computer system with powerful anti-virus or anti-spyware application. Do not open lots of tab at once first close the tabs which are no longer required? If IE9 freezes Windows 7 error is causing due to registry related problem then there is only one way to fix this problem is to use third party registry repair software.

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