Fix Internet Explorer 9 Error

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Fix Internet Explorer 9 Error

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Fix Internet Explorer 9 closes unexpectedly issue

Final version of internet explorer 9 is launched by Microsoft and so many people are using IE9 for browsing or surfing the web. According to Microsoft Corporation Internet Explorer 9 is the beauty of the web which is really true. Although Internet Explorer 9 is reliable but many times while using or while working with Internet explorer 9 you may come across a problem like Internet explorer 9 closes unexpectedly. Consider a scenario you started Internet explorer 9 to do some work with it but instead of that Internet explorer 9 starts for few while, flashes on the screen and closes unexpectedly. This problem can be occurs with any IE9 users.

There are several reasons due to which this issue can be take place. Some the main issues of Internet explorer 9 close unexpectedly are written below.

Why Internet explorer 9 closes unexpectedly:

  • Internet Explorer 9 setting is incorrect
  • This problem can be take place due to the Internet Explorer 9 on your computer has been corrupted.
  • You are not running latest version of Java
  • Compatibility View Settings in IE 9 might be disabled
  • The site which you are trying to access has incompatible extensions
  • If registry file is corrupted or missing then it may also cause this problem
  • The Internet explorer 9 is infected with virus or spywares

How to get rid of Internet explorer 9 closes unexpectedly issue:

  • If you want to fix this issue then change the setting of internet explorer 9 to do so close all programs which is running click on start button after that go to control panel.
  • Double click on the internet option after that click on the advanced button there you will found a reset button, now click on the reset button when these all process completed then click on the apply or ok button. Close internet explorer 9 and reopen it.
  • Enabled the compatibility view setting of IE9
  • Scan your computer with powerful Antispyware software
  • Disable automatic crash recovery

If you follow these steps then you can easily get rid or of internet explorer 9 closes unexpectedly issue. In-case if you are still getting the same problem then it indicates that there is something wrong with the Windows registry files. When registry files gets corrupted then many applications fail to start or work. If registry file is corrupted or damaged then use registry repair software to repair the corrupted registry file. It may solve this issue.

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