Fix Internet Explorer 9 Error

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Fix Internet Explorer 9 Error

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What to Do when Internet explorer has stopped working

Internet Explorer 9 (beta version) is out now for everybody to download. Most of the users have used it and have weird experience. While they try to open the browser a popup window appear with the following error message –“ Internet Explorer has stopped working”. This point of time, error message appear in a kind of loop without any chance to close it. And here you need to fix and solve the issue regarding this so that browser starts working again. Although this is in the beta version and many websites and add-ons are not cope with the required updates for IE 9 compatibility yet and therefore when user try to open new tab or window in internet explorer get the error this message and due to this many unsaved jobs are closed.

Here are some of the methods which you can use to fix error message- “ Internet Explorer has stopped working”

  1. Disable protected mode-
    • For this click on “Tools” and then on “Internet Options”
    • Move to the tab “security” and then untick the option “Enable Protected Mode”
    • Now restart internet Explorer 9.
  2. You can reset the internet explorer setting.
  3. Disable add-ons in IE9. It might be possible that this error is caused due to the incompatible add-on. Now to fix them you need to disable add-ons. Disabling add-ons also increase the speed of the tab.
  4. Go to control panel then Network & Internet. After that click on Internet Options and now go to security tab and Disable the “Enable Protected Mode” checkbox for all internet zones.
  5. If this is also not serving your purpose then just reinstall IE 8.

Such error could also be the outcome of registry problem. When any application installed on system it creates entry in registry. Registry is the place where all the information about software and hardware stored. Before starting application system go through the registry. If there is anything wrong with the registry like corruption, incorrect value of entries then users encounters with error and it stops using the application.

This issue related with IE9 application could be due to this. To fix IE9 error, you can try to repair and correct the entries value. This may fix your problem. Use registry repair software which works on windows operating system like Windows 7, XP, and Vista etc.

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